No Love For The Common Man

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Album Description

Steve Scott’s new EP “No Love For The Common Man” recorded in Dublin Ireland and Detroit Michigan: Rustbelt country – Americana at its best! “You all believe in D when D’s on TV . . . pushed block by block for all the world to see. . . .” A rapacious system of seeking lower and lower wages (called globalization) and the pathology of ever-increasing-endless-profit (called neo-liberalism) killed the great city of Detroit. Steve’s plea to the powers that be and the fleecing of the American dream: #StopTheAbuse!

On the new EP: “Wish You Well” a roots-music-manifesto of economic devastation, broken dreams, friends and loved-ones, in a forgotten American-heartland routed by greed and ravaged by drug addiction.

Also on the EP, his new single “We Know They Lied” tackles the devastation wrought by a corporate duopoly disguised as political parties in the U.S. – false wars driven by greed and avarice; a decimated middle class; and, a justice system that is of, by and for elites. A system that is racist, regressive and punitive for nothing more than profit and control! We must #StopTheAbuse of the American people, and in turn the world – the struggle begins at home!. . .

Rise (Detroit!): another power track, a people’s anthem celebrating Detroit and the love its music has given us all. One of the greatest and most proud cities on Earth shamefully hollowed out by vulture capitalism. A populace largely forgotten and left behind that still provides a legacy of music and tradition so uniquely its own, that it profoundly affects the soul of not only this country, but the world! This song was written as a beacon of hope for the oppressed and downtrodden – inspired by Maya Angerlou’s legendary poem “Still I Rise.”

Finally, on the new EP No Love For The Common Man: “Livin’ On Love,” “Time Waits For No One” and “I Think About You” all explore the inward and outward fragility of the human condition within a decimated working class, to which far too many fall victim. The wrenching torment of the common folk: neglect, abuse, regret, struggle, sacrifice and loss! “There is nothing more violent than poverty!” #StopTheAbuse

No Love For The Common Man – Produced by Steve Scott. All tracks recorded by David Feeny and Tizi Scott. All tracks mixed by Carl Glanville (NYC). Mastering by Marcel James. All songs written and arranged by Steve Scott.

Recorded at:

Rowanstown Stud Farm Studio Maynooth, Co. Kidare Ireland and Tempermill Studio 2040 Hilton Rd. Ferndale, MI 48220, USA.